"Together, We Can Make A Difference in So Many Young People's Lives"

Alexander Lam, Founder of YFSL

Alexander Lam's July 2010 trip to Shangri-La: Photos & Videos

The Shangri-La Programme

Imagine you can see nature in its raw and untainted state!

Imagine you can immerse yourself in the Tibetan culture!

Live amongst the local people and learn about their life style!

Imagine you can learn to speak Mandarin which is the most popular language in the world!

Imagine, through the donation of your time, you can help shape the future of a young person's life and see results in months after you have volunteered!

This is what the Youth For Shangri-La (YFSL) program is all about. YFSL program is in partnership with the Youth Pre-Employment Training (YPET) program established by ETTI (Eastern Tibetan Training Institute), a non-profit organization backed by the Shangri-La government. Our goal in Youth For Shangri-La program is to:

  • Bring young people from around the world to donate their time and effort to support the youth in Shangri-La in the pre-employment training program.
  • Help to raise money in support of the YPET program with monetary donations to the non-profit organization ETTI.

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Alexander's 2010 thank you speech to the Shangri-La community

In 2008, when my parents told me I was going to spend an entire week of my summer vacation in one of the most remote places in the world teaching kids English, my first reaction was that this was not going to work. First of all, I have no teaching experience, after all...

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